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Waterproof Heat Mat 30x50cm

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Waterproof Carbon fibre heat mat 30x50cm

Waterproof heat mat designed from carbon which is the most innovative heat mat in regards to technology and area heat. They are thin (<2mm), flexible, light weight and can be easily modified and attached. They can be powered on the go via a battery, or with  12V and 24 V vehicle power or also with 230V home power. The heating area is warm evenly and without the build up of hot spots. The heat mats adhere to European Standard EN 60335-2-17:2004

Uses include

Heat mats – battery mode:
Warming the body for cold water and technical divers.

Heat mats - vehicle mode:
Seat heating, floor heating, for keeping technical products warm, can be used under the outer clothes and trousers.

Heat mats – home power:
Massage table, press / cupboard warmer, changing table warmer, for use in the garden and camping.

Technical details

  • Heating output: ~28W @ 12,0 V
  • Heat mat: 100%Polypropylen with elastic leader, heating material: 100% carbon fibres
  • Free from carcinogenic and allergy causing substances (AZO, PCP)

Delivery details

  • 12V heat mat with a connecting cable
  • power cable with 5A anti-melting feature (optional)
  • instruction manual

Recommended accessories

  • Battery mode: 3-9011-PRO
  • 12V-Vehicle mode: 3-9045 or 3-9046
  • 24V-Vehicle mode: 3-9051 or 3-9053
  • 230V-Home power mode: 3-9065 or 3-9066
For further individual battery and vehicle power options please check our extensive range on our accessories page.
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