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Heat packs consist of all parts necessary for the use of heated clothing and heat mats.

Heat packs come in 3 varieties

·         Battery powered

·         12 Volt and 24 Volt vehicle powered

·         230 Volt Home power

Each of these categories can be further split into further sub-categories in order to ensure that the product is tailored to your exact needs.
These categories include  

  • Continuously adjustable heat control unit
  • Multi level touch free systems
  • Constant output systems without a heat control unit



The heat control units are able to be used for various applications such as:


  • Stand alone option, e.g. on a table, in a drawer or on a board
  • In-built option, e.g. in the armature or in the casing or covering
  • Steering option, e.g. on the handle bars of a bicycle or motorcycle
  • Sensor option, e.g. integrated into a heating product or into the power source adapter unit with touch free technology.