Softline Intercom Systems

Intercom systems for motorsport and touring drivers

Softline® has been developing very sophisticated and high performance motorcycle communication systems since 1995, with great attention to detail and enthusiasm. Every single part of a system is subjected to the strictest quality requirements, be it the interference resistance of connecting cables and the circuitry such as the housing of the control unit, the excellent noise compensation of engine noise and wind noise of the microphone as well as the analog and digital testing of a crystal clear reproduction of each speaker over the entire frequency response and many other special tests of the bending strength of cables, waterproofness of connectors.

The sum of all parts results in a motorcycle communication system that is tested in the wind tunnel of the Technical University and optimized by permanent and long-term driving tests on highways, country roads and motor sport tracks to produce a very good response of the microphone with maximum suppression of ambient noise, and at the same time to provide perfect hi-fi music reproduction at extremely high volume without sound distortion. Knowledgeable accompanying research on psychoacoustics, acoustic analyzing of communication recordings, and the many test kilometers of volunteer and enthusiastic motorcycle, yacht racing, and DTM drivers provide a meaningful and very grateful foundation for the technology as it is currently produced in Germany.

Softline's development capabilities for new and innovative products, the sophisticated manufacturing qualities and the easy handling of a professional communication technology are the trademark of years of experience of motorcycle riding musicians from the professional studio technology.

Let's go for the best sound.