Warranty at no charge and chargeable repair and return service as well as service provisions

Dear Softline customer.

In order to process your repair or return, please follow the return procedure below to allow us to process your service case quickly.

Please download the file REPAIR AND RETURN REQUEST (Currently not available in English.) and complete the form with the missing information. Send the repair and service form by email or fax to our service address and you will receive a RMA number within 2 working days or call us to inform you immediately about a RMA number. Enter the RMA number in the form field or write the RMA number clearly visible on the shipping package. The issued RMA number is used to identify the repair and must be included with all requests. You will find the RMA number on all associated delivery bills and invoices.

It is essential to send in one fully completed repair and service form per device or device set. (Bundling several returns on one form is not possible).

  • In case of justified warranty claims, the devices will be repaired immediately and free of charge or you will receive a replacement free of charge. To make a warranty repair, please be sure to include a copy of the invoice or delivery note as proof. Without proof, we can only perform a chargeable repair. In the event of a warranty claim, we will pay the shipping costs, preferably with a parcel return voucher that is free of charge for you. In all other cases, the customer pays the shipping costs.
  • Please check the device thoroughly to see if there is actually a defect. If an intact device is sent in for repair, a flat rate inspection fee will be charged, even in the case of existing warranty / guarantee claims. For this we charge you a test and handling lump sum of 50,00 Euro.
  • In the case of a chargeable repair, a cost estimate can be provided before the repair is carried out. The cost of a cost estimate includes a functional test and amounts to a flat rate of 50.00 Euro, 50% of which will be charged when a repair order is placed. In the event that the repair is not ordered, which must be within 2 weeks after our cost notification, we must charge this service according to the cost lump sum, the product will then be returned at cost.
  • If the manufacturer of the defective product offers an exchange procedure, you will not receive your own device back, but an exchange device of the same type. Send us your device only with accessories from the original scope of delivery. Accessories not included in the scope of delivery cannot be tested.
  • No liability can be accepted for accessories supplied that exceed the standard scope of delivery.
  • If possible, always use the original packaging, only it offers optimal protection during transport or shipping.

Our general terms and conditions as well as our repair and service conditions apply.service flat rates

  • Repair of a glove: EUR 35,00
  • Reset of an alarm system: EUR 30,00
  • Testing of products for functionality, test incl. handling flat rate and cost estimate: EUR 50,00
  • 50% of the testing costs will be credited against a repair order, which must be placed no later than 2 weeks after KVA notification.
  • In case of replacement or new purchase of an equivalent product with an order value of EUR 100 or more, 50% of the inspection costs will be credited.

All prices include VAT and exclude shipping costs