HiFi Stereo Speaker Sets for Motorcycle Helmets

Premium high fidelity stereo speaker systems and Audio amplifier for motorcycle helmets, various audio connection options offered for iPhone, iPod, cell phone, MP3, MP4, music phone & GPS navigation devices

Some of the best music players in the world are already so small that, due to their construction, the amplification performance falls by the wayside. To achieve a perfect sound, Softline® offers amplifiers of a special acoustic kind - a booster based on spatial sound technology, which, in addition to a powerful volume increase, also reproduces the playback frequencies reduced by the MP3 compression process with a lot of sound volume. The result is convincing HiFi pure.
Perfect sound and high performance
Really good sounding speakers are purely a matter of hearing. This includes airy bass and distortion-free treble. Softlines speakers are perfect in sound and deliver high output power. Bluetooth® music systems do away with the wired connection. If your music device or navigation system does not yet have Bluetooth, the BLUE-OUT - a small transmission module - will help. And if your headset is not yet without Bluetooth®, then the BLUE-IN - a small receiver module helps.